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10 Week Program Design Mentorship with Dr. Pat Davidson
Starting Monday, 5/16

  • For coaches, personal trainers, rehabilitation professionals, and exercise enthusiasts
  • Work with me to understand the foundational theoretical concepts of exercise program design, examine classical models, dissect popular systems in the field, and ultimately to create your own model for program design and training philosophy
  • Receive construct feedback from other individuals in the Mentorship
  • Receive my raw and direct feedback on your work
  • Experience a large dose of critical thinking and feedback on this element
  • Completely virtual program

The sessions will take place over Zoom. They will be recorded and provided to participants, so that even if you miss the live sessions, you'll be able to review on your own time.

There will be two separate Zoom sessions per week. This is done to allow people from different time zones to find a more suitable session for their schedule. Both weekly sessions will focus on the same topic.

You will be given structured assignments throughout this experience to help keep you on track and hold you accountable.

The price for this experience will be $800. Over the course of a ten week experience, with two hour sessions every week, this comes out to $40 an hour, which is basically a steal for what you will be getting out of this.

I have written three books that revolve around the topics of program design and training philosophy. I've coached national and international champion strongman athletes. I've competed for world championships in strongman. I was a personal trainer in Manhattan for seven years. I've taught university exercise science classes for five years. I have the book learning, coaching time, direct competition experience, and overall pedigree to make this an unparalleled learning experience for you. 

Space is LIMITED. 

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A Coach's Guide to Optimizing Movement

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