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If you've done the original, you've earned the right to do the sequel. MASS 2 doesn't fuck you with a limp dick like a lot of sequels. It's hard as a fucking rock and it doesn't bother to toss you a napkin to clean yourself up with after it's done with you.

This program is a living nightmare. If you're a casual fitness person, seriously, don't even think about doing this program. Most of the humans who walk around on this planet are softer than a steaming pile of puppy shit. This program will maul those types like a hungry Kodiak bear on a fresh kill.

You've got to be a fucking freak for this shit. If you're fat powerlifter strong, this program will murder you. If you're a narcissistic beach muscle all show/no go type of person, this program will murder you. If you're a biomechanics nerd concerned about every angle of a movement, and things not feeling perfect all the time, this program will murder you. If you don't mind getting fucked up, and you don't know when to quit, and there's a switch that goes off in your head that makes you see red sometimes, then you're going to be just fine with this program.

Take the 16-week journey through the shadow lands.

Dive into the abyss and meet parts of yourself in the darkness that you previously didn't know. Enjoy the cleansing fires of pain and torture that will be unveiled to you in this legendary book. 

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Mass 2 E-Book

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