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The original cult classic is back.

This program is a brass knuckles punch to the mouth. This program is not for the weak. It's not for bitch influencers. It's not for nerds with too many questions. This program is a 16-week walk through hell. Buckle up, mother fucker.

There are legendary workouts in this book. People still wake up in cold sweats thinking about the 30/30 and the 20/40.

Teams in every major pro sports league have done these workouts. A D1 list a mile long has done these workouts. Strength coaches around the globe have done these workouts. This book has been taking souls for almost ten years now. Just understand that if you crack the cover, there's no going back.

Nobody who has gone through the 64 sessions in 16 weeks has failed to massively improve. People turn into fucking freaks from this thing. Your body will change, your mind will change, and your spirit will change.

If you can't do it, or quit, nobody gives a shit...especially me...just go fucking die someplace else, and do it quietly so you don't make me fucking sick listening to your blubbering and whining. If you actually do this thing right and you make it, you're joining a very select group.

If you want more specific information on what's involved with this book, just don't buy it. I don't want you to have it. Don't ask me any fucking questions...they'll never get answered. Shut the fuck up, fall in line, or go fuck yourself until you can't tell what's your insides vs your outsides. Good talk.

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